Our equine companions are living, breathing things and although they can instinctively look after themselves as they have been doing for centuries; it doesn’t help to show them just how much you really care.

Here at Daily Equestrian, where sourcing the highest quality and most affordable equestrian accessories is our top priority, we understand this more than most.

That’s why we constantly strive to help passionate enthusiasts to save themselves money; whether you’re an amateur rider or a professional competitor.

Now you might be wondering which types of products we feature and how they can be suitable for the care and maintenance of your horse. So without further ado, here’s a closer look at some of the items that we are proud to feature (all of which come complete with their own discounts!)

Horse Shampoo

From the body to the mane; your horse’s hair can be prone to discolouration, fading and may even fall out over time; that is unless you expose their skin and hair to the right types of ingredients and sources of nourishment.

Thankfully, our team make a point of working closely with some of the most reputable shampoo suppliers in the country; allowing us to source the best deals for you and letting you look after your horse’s hair without difficulty.

And as each of the products that we feature can be found at a reduced cost, you could be taking full advantage of the discount while your horse enjoys their next wash!

Buying a Grooming Kit

If you want your equine companion to look as great as possible, there’s no better way to do so than with your very own grooming kit. These kits come complete with a variety of products and tools; from those that can help to improve the length and fullness of hair, right through to accessories for buffing and polishing hooves.

When buying from an independent retailer the costs can be a little excessive; but that’s why we’ve made a point of ensuring that our team search for these types of horse products as frequently as possible.

Whenever we find a great deal, we’ll share the information with you and you could order as few (or as many) kits as you like at the discounted cost.

Horse Clippers

Horse hair can grow at an alarming rate – and that includes the follicles on their bodies, as well as their manes.

Having access to a pair of high-powered clippers can make a lot of difference; whether you’re a vet, a paid stable hand, or an owner.

Where scissors aren’t suitable or won’t get the job done clippers can be ideal, as they are quick and easy to use, can cut through even the thickest locks of hair and will leave your horse looking as great as it feels.

Horse Toys

Most equine enthusiasts will understand just how intelligent horses are – but did you know that they actually suffer with many common emotions such as boredom and anxiety? For years now we’ve been trying to promote the usefulness of toys for horses, but why exactly?

For a start, these toys can help to keep your young horses entertained. From gadgets that make noises, right through to king-sized balls that can be hoofed around a stadium – our team have searched high and low in the hopes of helping our audience to keep their horses occupied, whilst encouraging the growth and development of their mental capabilities.

Veterinarians, psychologists and enthusiasts all actively encourage the use of these types of toys for horses and studies have shown that if a horse is exposed to playful activities from an early age, they will be far more likely to develop a healthy, friendly temperament as they get older.

And These Are Just a Handful of the Horse Accessories That We Feature!

From the simplistic to the most extensive, our online store is packed full of horse bits for sale. Sure, we might not supply them ourselves, but that’s not what we are here for.

We consider it our job to present you with the most affordable equestrian gadgets and accessories - and as we work closely with plenty of the countries’ leading suppliers and stockists, you can enjoy state of the art toys at a discounted rate; with further reductions on clearance items, too.

Not only do our team take care of sourcing some of the most exciting accessories on the market today, we’re pretty great at negotiating the cheapest rates with our suppliers to ensure that you receive the fairest deal on your purchase.

And we do all of this for one reason – and that’s to ensure that you get to find exactly what it is that you’re looking for, without having to spend days searching, or running the risk of spending more for a product that we may find cheaper on your behalf.

Getting In Touch with Our Team

At, we consider it our priority to connect people just like you with the most affordable equine deals available online.

So many of you don’t realise how much cash you could save by doing a little research; even more people simply don’t have the time to compare costs, or get to know what’s available out there.

Fortunately for you, that’s exactly what we specialise in and we’ve helped people to save shocking amounts of cash by enjoying the discounts and clearance deals that we have access to.

If you’d like to learn more, if you have any enquiries about the products that we feature, or if you just fancy a chat with an avid equine enthusiast – don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

We’re honest, we’re friendly and we want nothing more than to help you to save yourself some hard earned cash, without missing out on the types of equine products that you should enjoy access to.

We are Daily Equestrian and we’re here to present the best deals on horse accessories to you – so why not take a look at our listings today to see what we have available?

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