If you’ve already found a stunning variety of horse tack for your equine companion, then isn’t it about time that you looked the part as well?

If you’ve already invested in breeches, boots and horse riding accessories, all that’s left is for you to consider the final piece to your outfit; your helmet.

Riding a horse isn’t something that anyone can do – it takes time, effort and enthusiasm. Even professionals understand that no two rides can be the same and that’s why it’s so important to ensure that every time that you mount your horse, you do so in complete safety and security.

And what do we suggest? Fantastically functional riding hats.

Sure these accessories can be a great way to look the part – especially if you’re planning on taking part in an equestrian event, but they are also part helmet and could protect you from a nasty fall or impact should the worst happen.

Our Selection of Horse Riding Hats

Whether you’re an amateur or an expert a good hat can go a long way - and fortunately for you, our team right here at Daily Equestrian have made a point of finding some of the most reliable products on the market.

Some hats can cost hundreds of dollars and they say that if you want to all but guarantee your safety, you will need to pay in kind; but does that mean that you should have to fork over shockingly high amounts of cash if you can enjoy a discount instead?

That’s where we come into the fray. Our team of equine enthusiasts have been riding for years and in that time, we’ve learnt how to recognise a fantastic deal when we see one.

For a start, we use a lot of these products ourselves and we understand where to find the cheapest bargains - before presenting you with them, for your enjoyment.

What Makes a Good Riding Hat?

For a start it will need to be suitable. If you wear a paper bag and hope that it will protect you from a fall, you’re probably going to end up with a nasty bruise to say the least!

A good riding helmet should be firm, supportive and able to withstand impact from above, as well as from below.

We’ve seen riders avoid injury thanks to the quality of their hats – and this is what we prioritise when searching for the most ideal products on the market.

Our team will take care of the research for you, allowing you to pick and choose from a range of suppliers and brands.

Not only are the products that we feature easy to order – each one comes with its own individual discount that you could be enjoying in next to no time.

For a start, the suppliers that we work with want nothing more than to help those of you on a budget, or anyone wanting to save some cash to find exactly what they are looking for, at an affordable price.

When searching through our listings you’ll find the RRP of each product, as well as its newly discounted price when buying through us.

Once you’re ready to purchase you can simply click through to the supplier’s website and complete your order with ease.

Your discount will then be applied - and as if that wasn’t enough, we’ll extend a further 5% discount every time that you recommend someone new to our services and they make a purchase!

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What Type of Quality Are the Hats that we Feature?

In a nutshell, they are of the highest quality out there. Even though you’ll be able to enjoy a cheaper cost on your purchase – you’ll still receive a well-manufactured hat that not only looks the part; but functions incredibly well, too.

It won’t matter if you have a tournament to attend, a lesson with your favourite training academy, or if you just fancy dressing up – the hats that we feature are some of the finest quality that we’ve come across and they just so happen to boast some of the fairest prices as well.

You’ll find a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colours and to get started, simply select our ‘Rider’ category to be taken to a choice of the most recently updated products.

Shop in Confidence

You might be wondering what we get out of helping to present you with the best clearance deals on horse bits and pieces.

The truth is that all that we want is the satisfaction of knowing that our team have helped you to save yourselves some hard earned cash.

Do you know how many people go straight to the first option that comes up when buying their equestrian accessories? Too many for our liking!

We’ve seen thousands spent over the years and we’ve done so ourselves. This has allowed us to recognise a fantastic deal when we see one; as well as share information on how best to take advantage of these deals as and when they come in.

Our team keep on top of the search, meaning that we scour the web on a daily basis to find cheap deals and clearance products for you to enjoy.

These products aren’t any less quality; they’re just available at a discounted rate for our audience to enjoy.

What better way to update your current uniform, buy a new selection of tack for your horse, or take advantage of a much more effective riding helmet than by knowing that you saved money?

We’ll take care of the research while you pick and choose from the stunning selection that we have available. As more hats enter the market, you’ll notice our listings growing – and as long as you place your order before the offer expiry date, you can rest assured that your discounted product/s will be with you in next to no time; no catches whatsoever.

To learn more, or to get in touch with our friendly team, simply send us an email today and we’ll do everything that we can to take care of your enquiries.

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