If we could have it our way, we’d share our rooms with our equine friends instead of having to leave them behind in their stables.

It might not be possible to share our comforts with our horses; but we can certainly make sure that they are as safe and sound as possible; not to mention able to enjoy their surroundings as they sleep, or whenever they fancy a rest.

And how could you do this exactly? With your very own horse rugs and cosy carpets.

Unlike our human skin, the dermal layers of our horses are much softer (due to the fact that they contain less collagen). This softness means that without the proper level of care, their skin could begin to split, to dry and even to suffer with damage.

As horse lovers, this is the last thing that we’ll want, but have you noticed how ridiculously expensive some of most common products out there can be?

A few hundred dollars for a rug? No thanks.

So, what can you do instead? Shop through us, of course! We have so many horse rugs for sale that we couldn’t possibly hope to tell you all about them here – but that’s what our search bar function is for.

From numnah inspired carpets, right through to the well-known WeatherBeeta brand – we’ve made a point of sourcing some of the highest quality (and most affordable) rugs and carpets around, all to help to keep your beloved horse safe and warm as they lay down.

What Makes Our Rugs so Special?

So many horse owners overlook the fact that the hair of their equine friends needs to be exposed to different materials than we humans get to enjoy.

This is why some stables make the mistake of laying regular carpets down for their horses. Sure, the fibres can be a welcomed change to stable floors, concrete and even straw – but did you know that these fibres can often cause an irritation as they rub against your horses’ hair?

This is why traditional methods are more preferred - and fortunately for you, we have made a point of sourcing some of the finest organic rugs for your horses to enjoy.

We approach the most reputable sellers in the country and find out if they have any special discounts going on, or if they have any products that they’d like cleared quickly.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find on our website.

When it comes to sourcing the highest quality products at the most affordable prices; you can count on our team. We search far and wide to help people just like you to save money and get the most out of their purchases.

If there’s one thing that we’ve learnt over the years it’s that there are SO MANY bargains and deals out there – but unless you know who to approach or where to look, how on earth could you expect to find any of them?

We’re not talking minor discounts here, in fact we’re telling you that when using our service, you could save 5% off of the RRP at the very minimum – and considering that some rugs for horses can cost hundreds of dollars, that could be a pretty hefty saving if you think about it!

That’s the potential to save on your fly sheets, your bed rugs and your horse blankets – all without having to take care of the research or price comparisons yourself.

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Caldene Sheepskin Half Pad

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How Do We Choose Products to List?

It’s fairly easy really – the first thing that we do is get our team of equine enthusiasts to scour the web in search for the hottest deals and the biggest savings. Next up, we get in touch with the suppliers to see if they’d be interested in having our website feature their products.

In order to be eligible, we request that they offer a discount to keep our audience interested and coming back for more. That’s why you’ll often see that our deals have expiry dates on them – because we have managed to secure fantastic savings for a limited time only.

In other instances, suppliers will see how quickly their products sell when using our website and that’s why we’ll also consider any manufacturer’s products that meets our eligibility requirements.

If they don’t mind giving people just like you a fantastic deal, then we won’t mind sharing information on their products!

It really is as simple as that.

Do We Review the Products That We Feature?

Well, the short answer would have to be yes and no. Yes, because as avid equine enthusiasts we’ve used a lot of products over the years and that’s why we understand just how important it is to ensure that your horse’s bedding is suitably comfortable.

As we work alongside some of the most reputable brands in the country, we’re fairly confident when we offer our satisfaction guarantee – a guarantee that is provided to you as a customer and should you ever find yourself unhappy with your purchase, you can simply send it back for a full refund.

This rarely ever happens however, and that might be why we’re quickly becoming one of the biggest destinations for those of you that are keen to get the most out of your equine products and accessories, without having to pay the high price tag that so many items feature!

Getting in Touch With Us

If you have a question, if you need help placing an order, or if you want to recommend a particular product to us for consideration, all that you’ll need to do is send us a quick email and we’ll go from there.

Our team are always on the lookout for fantastically exciting products at discounted rates and as soon as we find them, we’ll be sure to feature them right here for your enjoyment.

Who said that you should pay thousands, when you could pay hundreds instead? We believe that the equine industry needs to give more back to its passionate enthusiasts; and that’s exactly what we aspire to achieve here at Daily Equestrian.

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